Wounded Russian economy (English article)

Раненая экономика (прогноз российского кризиса из Англии)

The Economist suppose, that the Russian economy is wounded and closer to crisis, as thicks Poutin or West.

According to the source, Poutine has number of problems, which he did himself. Including Ukrainian war, conflicts with West, closing of Islam intervention to borders of Russia, and inner dissatisfaction of Ukrainian policy.

But, there is one problem which can force all the above-mentioned – crisis of economy. Russia suffers from oil prices going down to $80 per barrel against $110 in the first half of the year, RUR fell by 23% in 3 months, sanctions also had impact. In general, years of cleptocracy caused distruction of the country.

// London// 21/11/2014, Source: The Economist