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Women and innovation

Женщины и инновации

In the West and in our country there are many studies that say that the equality of men and women in the workplace promotes innovation in business. However, world leaders are still men and the need for gender equality to this day controversial.

These studies were conducted, in particular, in the University of Castilla La Mancha (University of Castilla la Mancha or the UCLM) among 4’277 companies Innovation Technology panel (Technological Innovation Panel), 83% of manufacturers and 17% services. The question from the point of view held business decisions was considered by the International Finance Corporation and Forbes. Russia also conducted quantitative and qualitative research on a given topic.

According to defenders of the so-called “gender equality”, the performance of it consists of two components: an increase in innovative capacity of firms and improving the development of products and services. In particular, women leaders are considered the best of men see new properties to brand-new markets, they are more durable, flexible in decision-making. A striking example of the use of “female” development of steel products for credit, savings and insurance. But there are weaknesses – for example, the speed of decision-making, expressed emotion and sensitivity to risk.

Defenders of the feminization argue that those companies that ignore the need for women to innovation, will not be able to reach the level of innovativeness and their services will soon become irrelevant.

Fresh research by Hay Group, conducted in 33 countries, suggests that men in General earn more than women. And in Europe, on average, women in similar positions earn at -1.6 per cent less than men, and their income -28.6% lower because they are strongly represented in high-paying positions.

Given the Soviet past of our people, it is possible to believe that Russia has a special chance and ability to innovate. Women have been working alongside men, while leaving their gender responsibilities. According to Grant Thornton International in 2014, in Russia, 40% of managerial positions in business are occupied by women (-3% to 2013). However, they mostly work in positions of financial Directors and chief accountants, HR Directors and marketing.

The highest percentage of women-managers in Russia is concentrated in education and health (41%), hospitality (33%) and Finance (25%).

In connection with the question of how the woman feels when you lay on it in Russia responsibility, we asked I. V. Potapova, President of the Association of women entrepreneurs of Russia. Irina confirmed that women in Russia take a proactive stance, it is true”. And told me that the innovations created woman, “always find their application in life – that is their distinguishing feature. With regard to combining work and family, then, according to Irina Vasilyevna, “the woman manages everything, she still carried on their shoulders,” although, of course, to combine it difficult. In addition to the complexity of combination, discrimination, or support women in General do not feel – we have gender equality, including pay.

Because in our country was carried out artificial promotion of gender equality (as is currently done in Europe, they dream about our 40% and impose gender quotas), and female employment has developed in a socialist family and employment regulation, that is, areas in which women in senior positions are difficult to find. For example, in the aerospace or military sectors. In the process of writing the article, we found the lovely women who work in male sectors.

Naira Davidson. Lightech

Bright representative of women’s innovator – Director General of the Russian company Litech (Lightech) Naira Davidson. Innovation led to the creation of a unique and innovative project. In this case, the head of the company involved in science and management, and commercial activities. “I break myself every day,” she says, stressing the difficulty of the transition from science to Commerce, from the work of the Creator to the mundane weekdays. However, the result is obvious: an innovation which is unique, practicable and useful for the country…

Lightech project won the competition of innovative start-UPS Startup Road Show in the section of energy efficient technologies and became a resident of SKOLKOVO. Products on the basis of a glowing wire economical (reduces power consumption), environmentally friendly (requires no special disposal) and safe (not heated). However, according to the laws of Economics, good product with innovative component can not be cheaper than analogs, and its application, which is more than all the States concerned requires the support that is under discussion.

Jeanne Kresnyakova. Airbase

Jeanne Kresnyakova, Manager aircraft work, “Airbase” (consumables and tools to ensure technical maintenance of helicopters), suggests that the female factor is necessary in the work of men. “Men trust not,” she says ironically, all fail, especially the negotiations.” Colleagues sympathetic to calls for more work and generally listen to women’s advice.

However, the achievement of “gender equality” takes into account not exceptions but the rule. The world always knew special women who in all countries and under all laws proved its unique capabilities. The idea is to remove differences in treatment of men and women due to the customs and cultures of the social sphere – the so-called “destruction of Patriarchal consciousness.”

Russian women are equal with men for a long time, and proved that in the absence of discrimination can conquer many “male” spheres. And to be feminine, and to farm and to find strength in innovation.

But… I would like to see objective scientific work as the feminization of society is reflected in the families as units of society. As women’s rights related to children, divorce and the destruction of the family institution? If there’s a correlation…