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Портал продажи крипловалюты запустил

2011 was the year of steady growth of popularity of the Russian-speaking exchange BTC-e. When its development reached its peak, the daily turnover of the platform exceeded $60 million. Unfortunately, this could not last forever – the US authorities had serious claims against the founder of the BTC-e, and in 2017 he was detained in Greece, and the servers on which the cryptocurrency platform functioned were arrested in the United States.

In September 2017, the “bursting” BTC-e had a legal successor. The new exchange has undertaken all financial obligations to customers of BTC-e. The platform was created by Dmitry Vasiliev. An interesting fact was that the new cryptocurrency exchange quickly became popular, just like its predecessor (by December 2017 its daily turnover exceeded $80 million), but then the platform had problems.

The management bodies of the exchange Wex do not have credible information about the events that occurred in 2018. It is known that an attempt was made to seize control over the platform, and for this purpose, new persons were introduced into its management team. Problems for costumers of Wax didn’t keep them waiting – in July 2018, the possibility of withdrawing a whole number of cryptocurrencies disappeared, and for other assets, huge commissions were introduced. In addition, the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies was artificially adjusted – they deviated many times from the market averages.

Investors who tried to withdraw funds lost up to 75% of the invested money. A wall of silence, which customers encountered when contacting technical support, aggravated the situation. Until recently, the future of the Wex remained unclear. Today the situation has changed – the cryptocurrency exchange resumes its work. For this reason, it will be transferred to a new domain –

According to Website’s management, clients’ funds are safe, operations are resumed. Fears of clients who invested in cryptocurrencies through former Wex platform are quite understandable. Huge commissions, the ban on the withdrawal of many cryptocurrencies, complete silence on the part of the technical support – all this made us assume that the funds are lost. We are glad to inform investors, says Wex: the situation has changed for the better, and soon the work will be resumed.

The lack of professionalism of the old Wex management suggests that this domain name will soon become inactive. Taking into account this information, the former management of the cryptocurrency exchange decided to move to a new domain. In the coming days, the platform will be available at this address.

The most pleasant news is that the former management retained full control over the clients’ bank accounts, where the fiat money is stored, as well as cold wallets, through which transactions with cryptocurrencies are carried out. This means that once invested in the Wex project investors’ funds are in complete safety, and in the next few days they can again be used. All operations will be available in full – both investing and withdrawal of fiat money, as well as cryptocurrency trading for the purpose of generating income. After moving to the new Wex domain, the project plans to return to intense activity and restore its reputation within the shortest possible time.