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Vladimir Bortko gave a press screening of the film “About love”

В. Бортко, А. Чиповская, А. Чадов. Фильм «О любви»

On March 23, 2017 in Russian cinemas starts a new picture of the famous Russian film DirectorVladimir Bortko named “About love”. The Director of “Taras Bulba”, “Heart of a Dog” and “the Master and Margarita” turned to the theme of a love triangle.

Working on the film “About love” in total lasted 14 years, it began in 2004. As told us the Director, his work is inspired by the novel of L. Tolstoy “Anna Karenina”, with the theme of adultery. Others important creation to the work of V. Bortko of “House of cards” by Ibsen. The genre of the film “About love” is an erotic romance, which tells about the life and moral of modern elites, scientific and business.

The Director himself says that in the film he was thinking about a female destiny: “it is very difficult to be surrounded by weak men”. In response to the question of “E-Vesti” about what is strong man for Vladimir Bortko, he said: “I was born before 1950s and my thinking is there. The man must be responsible for his woman in any circumstances. She doesn’t ask for it, she considers herself smarter, better, but I’m still responsible for her. That’s what our hero does not understand. He loved his wife from the beginning, but hid her feelings for the stupid system of “contract”. And what happens to him in the end completely destroys what he says in the beginning”.

When we’re talking about such masters of cinema as Vladimir Bortko, the higher quality of the picture is guaranteed. Moreover, the team of the Director included such actors as Maria Mironova, Alexei Chadov, Dmitry Pevtsov. The main role was played by young, very talented actress Anna Chipovskaya, who was not confused from extremely explicit scenes. Everyone told that to work with the the Director was “hard but interesting”, and the composer M. Dunaevsky three times had processed music to achieve a sound appropriate to the characters. As a result it is a very high quality modern cinema, which could be made by the Director of the West.

As for the moral perspective, traditional for the Russian stage, Vladimir Bortko considers that final punishment of the heroes serves this purpose: “this is the vengeance they repay, what ends the movie. Is she ok? No. Who is ok there? No one.” At the same time, the fate of the heroes may seem quite happy for people focused on money. Because despite the moral decline, they remain rich and successful. This overtakes them, the payback question in the film is resolved ambiguously.

In response to criticisms from some viewers about the moral side of the movie “About love”, Anna Chipovskaya noted: “Then you should not read “Anna Karenina” too.” Indeed, if we believe that works of the writer, anathematized by the Church, are useful for children in school, a new film of Vladimir Bortko is definitely out of any complaints. The film is designed for adult viewers, and we would recommend it to people over 40.