Vakhtangov Theatre celebrated its 95th anniversary of the premiere of the tragedy “Oedipus Rex”

Oedipus Rex by Rimas Tuminas in Vakhtangov Theatre

On November 12, 2016 a unique event held – Russian-Greek play “Oedipus Rex” by Sophocles directed by the artistic director of the Vakhtangov Theatre Rimas Tuminas dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the theater, which is celebrated on 13 November. Wonderful acting and in-depth understanding of the author will allow the each viewer to enjoy an interesting story unfolding on stage.

Oedipus Rex – the most famous of the seven extant tragedies of Sophocles (ca. 496-406 B.C.), that tells about the misadventures of Oedipus. The main character is in a terrible situation, not knowing that he had committed – had killed his father and married his mother. And in the course of the drama, all the circumstances of the tragedy found out, which leads to a very sad ending. Having accomplished a “fair” trial, Oedipus blinds himself, accepting the consequences and responsibility for the crime.

The first premiere of performances took place with a success in Greece on July 29, 2016 on the stage of the ancient Epidaurus amphitheater, which is the best preserved ancient Greek theaters. After carrying out of restoration work every summer it hosts a theatrical festival with a 14-thousand audience.

This is a joint statement of the Vakhtangov Theatre and the National Theatre of Greece, and it involves the actors of both theaters. Part of the performance is played in the Greek language and on a special screen subtitles are going with translation into Russian. The action begins with an appeal by people to Oedipus, with a prayer for the salvation of the city from the plague. And when we see the king – we see the proud, righteous man and ruler. He sends a messenger to find out the will of the gods, what they have to do to cease plague, and this will is told to him. It is necessary to find and expel or destroy the murderer of the previous ruler of the city. All further action – a search for the killer, during which opened the terrible truth about the origin of Oedipus and his crime. Oedipus with his feelings, thoughts, emotions – the central figure of all the action. We see how his world is flipped, but he has enough strength to take responsibility for his actions.

V. Dobronravov at Oedipus Rex by Rimas Tuminas in Vakhtangov Theatre

As Rimas Tuminas said about his statement: “I would like to put the play about the main – about human dignity, about honor, about strong man, about leader, who could punish himself: to expel himself out of the country, to die poor. Today, this is almost no. All of them (the leaders), in any case, for the most part, do not feel guilty about anything. All justified. Everything is possible. Everything is allowed. I would like to raise the flag of honor and human dignity.”

Stepping into the hall and looking at the stage, you will begin immediately plunge into the atmosphere of the play. The scenery on the stage are minimal – chairs and the central object – a large metal pipe. All the action takes place around it and it plays its own role, complementing the acting. The edges of the scene is lost in the darkness, there is a feeling of lack of time and space boundaries, as if the scene was shrouded in fog.

Coming to this statement, you will see a classic built Greek tragedy, but without some of the usual elements, for example, you will see almost no ancient Greek costumes. You will see the characters that are both there and here, and heroes of antiquity, and the people of our time. The deep and original acting will force you to concentrate fully on what is happening and to think about the philosophical issues raised by the statement.

“Our task was in any case not to lose the present, so we were alive, we have not played a Greek tragedy. The play begins with a joke almost as if we are now will play a story on the square. And gradually it pulls into the funnel, tighten us to theater space. It is immortal, it is forever, “- said the performer of Oedipus Victor Dobronravov.

Nearest performance dates are 14 November and 6 December, Main Stage Vakhtangov Theatre.

Source: Vakhtangov theatre