United Kingdom – one of the unequal countries in the world

Великобритания - одна из самых неравных стран в мире

According to Oxfam – 1% (634 000 persons) of the people in the UK hold generally 20 times more wealth than the poorest 1/5 (13 million).

In the report of the charity have been analyzed data from Credit Suisse and the following conclusions were made: 10% of the UK population own more than 50% of the whole wealth of the country, 1% of the population owns 23% of the wealth, and the poorest 20% of the population own 0.8% of the wealth. This makes the UK one of the most unequal countries in the developed world.

Oxfam urged the Prime Minister Theresa May to help to eliminate this gap and offered the government following set of measures:

  1. To fulfill the promise of the Prime Minister to provide employees enhanced representation on companies’ boards
  2. Provide incentives for companies to improve the skills of workers and encourage benefit recipients to pass practice and training
  3. Set the ratio of wages of 20:1 (the highest paid employee can not receive a salary, more than 20 times the pay of the lowest paid worker)
  4. Fighting evasion on corporate taxes and change the situation with the “tax haven” in the United Kingdom.

Source: BBC

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