Tourism fair of Serbia accepted the invitation to Russia

On 23-26 February 2017 in Belgrade (Serbia) is held 39-th Tourism fair (in Serbian Sajam Turizma). Partner of the fair is Montenegro, where the Serbs are fond of spend summer. Sajam Turizma completes a typical cycle of three concurrent exhibitions: wine BEOWINE, restaurant equipment HORECA and “Visit Serbia”.

In 2017, the Serbian government gave its citizens the opportunity to rest in the country, at the local resorts, and gave them vouchers. In total, the Serbs received about 60 thousand of vouchers to selected 135 accomodation facilities.

For visitors and participants of Sajam Turizma, who came here from around the world, serbs traditionally hold festivals, events, tastings, sightseeing of the city.

Important participants in the Belgrade tourist fair are the Russians. The Russian stand is headed by the Director of the Department of tourism and regional policy of the Ministry of culture O. Yarilova. It included the presentation of the Crimea, Kaluga, Vladimir, Vologda, Moscow, Yaroslavl regions and Komi Republic. The program of the tasting consisted of pancakes with red caviar, gingerbread and mead.

Deputy Minister of trade, tourism and telecommunications of Serbia R. Pinga said: “We are pleased that Russia is represented in this year’s exhibition. This is the beginning of a great cooperation between our countries”.

Sources: Sаjam Turizma, Russian Ministry of Culture