The sixth International Bienniale of urbanism and architecture, UABB-2015

On December, 22 in the Union of architects of Russia was held the press-conference devoted to participation of Russia on the sixth International Bienniale of urbanism and architecture, UABB-2015 . The unique exhibition which is entirely devoted to urbanism problems, is held in the city of Shenzhen, which is one of the most developing cities of China.

Each time UABB takes place on the one of the city industrial zones which is going to be reconstructed and which, according to this event, receives a new impulse to development. The biennial draws attention of the international professional community and mass media with both the deep contents, and the courage of the presented decisions and approaches. There are represented the best practices of urbanism which show how to unite people and how to unite the places where they live with the help of architecture and design.

The topic of the current biennial is “Returning life to the cities”. It urges to discuss how can be rethought and used in a new way the existing buildings and spaces. Russia presents its own pavilion which had been devoted to projects on the adaptation of industrial territories to new use for the first time. The curators of the project are Andrey Asadov and Nikita Asadov, and the organizer is the Union of architects of Russia. A basis of an exposition concludes 10 participating projects of the Architecture-15 festival, which has already shown successful examples of renovation of city spaces.

The Russian exposition has been highly appreciated by the organizers and curators of UABB. In turn, Andrey Asadov noted: “It was interesting to show the Russian experience, to see world tendencies in revival of the cities and in renovation of the territories. Personally I saw the smart experience as the thrown territories turn into the centers of new city activity, it seemed to me absolutely real to continue this experience in Russia”.

Биеннале будет открыта до Biennale will be open till February 28, 2016, and according to the results of the negotiation the organization of the further exhibition tour to the other cities of China will be planned.