The Russian Public chamber supported the law about the objects of tourist industry

On 20 February 2017 in the Public chamber (PC) of the Russian Federation have passed “zero reading” of the bill on the objects of tourist industry, under the chairmanship of Elena Sutormina (1st Deputy Chairman of “Russian Peace Fund”). The readings were attended by industry experts from government officials and business.

On 30 December 2016 the Government of the Russian Federation introduced project of a hotel classification (systematization of activities of hotel services). The result was a bill that defines what is a “hotel”, “accommodation”, “classification of objects of tourist industry”, etc., and also describes a mandatory in the “class” or “star” hotels, which become subject to certification and control. From 01 January 2018 – hotels with more than 50 rooms must meet the requirements. From 01 January 2019 – the law applies to hotels with more than 15 rooms. From 01 January 2020 the law applies to all hotels. Not-certified hotels will not be able to operate. Violation of “the class” threaten to administrative fines.

Sutormina E. noted that the experts of the PC generally support the concept of the bill: “We believe that the gradual transition to mandatory classification is timely, reasonable and feasible measure. It will improve the quality of tourism services, the market will become more predictable, tax revenues will increase too”. The main concern is the possible go into hiding or termination of the activities of those hotels who will not be able to meet the requirements of the law.

Igor Fomin noted that for the Committee of Federation Council on social policy, which he represents, the main question is: “the question on the timing of its entry into force, and the need to track enforcement”. He also outlined the Committee’s position on hostels (such hotels, where a bed in a room and no facilities): the appearance of the hostels must be authorized by the General meeting of tenants, which must attend 50% of the residents, more than 50% to agree to this hotel.

According to Igor Lavrik, Chairman of the Department for small business of “Business Russia”, the hostel may be housed in an apartment of building only with the permission of the General meeting of owners, “not tenants, but owners.”

Head of Legal Department of Rostourism Izo Abrakhamiya said that there are two opposing bill to hostels. The first, developed by the Ministry of culture, supports the principle of the location of hostels in residential buildings, subject to compliance with all requirements and under tight control. And the second, proposed in State Duma Deputy by Galina Khovanskaya is: “categorically against the deployment of the hostels in residential areas”.

To summarize, Elena Sutormina said again about the support of the bill as a whole: “At the end of our discussion all the recommendations will be submitted to the Ministry of culture, Ministry of health, Rostourism, the State Duma and the Federation Council and other agencies. Subject of hostels requires a round table”.

It should also be noted that for a number of agencies, “class” is not required: for youth turlier and bases, campgrounds, children’s camps, departmental hostels, furnished rooms, railway sleeping cars and other vehicles.

Sources: Public Chamber of Russia