The Pope denounced the lobby and speculation on food

Папа римский разоблачил лобби и спекуляцию на питании

Pope Francois (François), in his speech on 20 November 2014 at the conference the Food and agriculture Commission of the United Nations, concerned about “speculation” on the diet, blocking hunger. At the conference it was noted that half of the population is malnourished.

First, he called on to think first about the food, and only then about their own interests. Now, according to the Pope, the national borders are absolute, despite the fact that often so-called national interests defines the lobby several groups of power and creates obstacle in the fight against hunger.

Speculation on agricultural raw materials also, in his opinion, the cry for equitable distribution. The priorities of the market and the dictatorship of profit reduce the products to use subject to speculation.

Phrase of the Pope: “the Hungry have dignity, not alms”, – received a storm of applause and many prepublicity. Renewing the topic raised by them in the world day of nutrition 16 October 2013, the Pope also protested the extravagance. Surplus and disposal of products, their consumption and the abuse of power is what is now in circulation, – quoted the Pope predecessor, John Paul II. The phenomenon is called “paradox of plenty”.

“God forgives always, people sometimes, by mother Earth never. Cultivate our sister and mother Earth, so she wouldn’t destroy humanity,” so in a manner zaimstvovanii Francis of Assisi(François d Assise), continued speaking, the Pope françois. He also raised the issue of water and warned that the water issue can lead to war.

This speech of the Pope – the first in a planned series of his political speeches. 25 Nov 2014 he will appear before the European Parliament and the Council of Europe.

// Paris// 20/11/2014, Source: La Croix