The museums of Moscow Kremlin open a new season

This year, the lectures will be held in the new lecture hall on Manezhnaya street, 7, located outside the Kremlin walls, which is more convenient for the participants. The first lecture of this season will be dedicated to the history of Russian and European costume of the XVIII–XX centuries.

In 2016-2017, the new lecture courses, educational programs and meetings with curators of the Armoury chamber collections and the masters of the Russian science will be held. The experts in the field of history, art and culture from among the staff of the Moscow Kremlin Museums and the Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov will give lectures in the Lecture hall. Autumn offers the traditional meetings with specialists of the State Hermitage.

The new Lecture hall will host both known and new courses. E.g., a project “The Moscow Kremlin and Moscow: history and art” will complement “The Unknown pages of history of the medieval Kremlin,” an authors course “Architects of the Kremlin and Moscow of the XIX century”, “The Patriarchs and metropolitans of the Moscow Kremlin” and a course “The Masterpieces of the Armoury chamber” dedicated to the 210-th anniversary of the Museum. The participants of the course “Museums-treasuries of the world” will able to make a trip to the famous museums of Florence, London, Tehran, Vienna, Dresden and Istanbul, and a lecture course “Treasures of Russia” will become a supplement to it.

A course “Curators tell” will continue in the Lecture hall, which includes the lectures “Weapons of Russian tsars and emperors”, and “Thousand years of coinage of Russia.”

In addition, the participants will learn about the daily life of the Royal family, get themselves familiar with the heritage of architects, decorators and calligraphers of the Islamic countries, and with the masterpieces of the largest jewelry firms in Russia and Europe, and will also meet with the European court theatre.

Resources: The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation

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