The Museum Of Oriental Art (Moscow, Russia)

State Museum of Oriental art, located at the House Lunnyh created October 30, 1918, the exposition of the Museum consists of 147’500 exhibits representing the art of the Far and Middle East and Central Asia, the Caucasus, Transcaucasia, Kazakhstan, Buryatia, Chukotka, etc. the Funds of painting, graphics, sculpture, decorative-applied art.

Ideologically and artistically, the Museum is associated with the name of artists, thinkers, scientists and educators — Nikolai and Svyatoslav Roerich. In the Museum permanent exhibitions: “Art of Korea”, “Chinese Art”, “Art of Japan”, “the Art of Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia), “Art of Caucasus (North Caucasus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia), “Art of Iran”, “Art of India”, “Art of Middle Asia and Kazakhstan”, “Art of Buryatia, Mongolia and Tibet”, “art of the peoples of the North”, “Painting the Caucasus and Central Asia (XIX – 1st half. XX), Creativity N.To. and S. N. Of the Roerichs. In addition, the Museum actively engaged in research and educational activities, organizes trips, regular cycles of lectures, musical and other events for a wide range of people of different ages.

Site of the museum: Address: 119019, Russia, Moscow, Nikitsky Boulevard, 12A

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