The Museum of M. I. Glinka, honored the memory of S. Prokofiev

2016 is marked with 125 years anniversary of birth of Sergei Prokofiev, in whose honor the all-Russian Museum Association of musical culture named after M. I. Glinka held festival “Prokofiev FEST. The first event of the festival received a success.

June 07, 2016 at the Prokofiev hall of the Museum of Glinka took place concert “Origins of Genius”, which was attended by world-famous artists. Events at the Museum are always warm and put you in the pleasant memories, but this time on the scene we saw the musicians, by exact expression of one of the attendees Larisa Chernova, who are able to replace a whole orchestra.”

Dora Schwartzberg and Nora Romanoff. Prokofiev FEST

The festival was attended by our former compatriot, now a Professor at the Vienna Academy of music Dora Schwarzberg, who not only admired his playing the violin, but has enlivened the concert with her charm. With Dora spoke of her daughter – the famous violist Nora Romanoff, also an Austrian Professor and laureate of international competitions. Ladies played inspired, easy and free; their faces reflected the emotion and live the pleasure of music.

The male part of the Quartet was represented by honored artist of Russia Alexander Zagorinsky, the largest Russian cellist and Professor at gnesinka, and Norwegian guest Professor Einar Steen-Nokleberg, which is extracted from a piano sound with great depth and subtle shades.

The program composed by musicians was a holiday and, in the words of Dora Schwarzberg, it was “salty” (“g-like”) – it consisted of works by W.-A. Mozart (Duo for violin and viola in g major and piano Concerto in g minor), 7 variations from “the Magic flute” Beethoven and the Piano Quartet of Brahms. In this framing, appeared Prokofiev, whose first concert was the most dramatic, difficult to understand.

Nora Romanoff. Prokofiev FEST

The Quartet, in recognition of professors who have performed in this format for the first time. But, as Nora noted, “well, it is necessary to continue…”. All members of the Quartet have repeatedly occurred in Russia and is celebrated with particular warmth and the response to music among the Russian public, in contrast to European. “There is a sense that people absorb it…” – so described their perception of the reaction of the Russian public Nora Romanoff.

This event opened the festival, which will run until 09 December 2016. I have to say, the beginning of a more than worthy and promising.

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