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The Museum of M. Glinka opened the exhibition of M. Tariverdiev

Photos made by M. Tariverdiev. Photo: E. Bogatyreva

In the foyer of the Concert hall Museum of musical culture im. M. I. Glinka, on the first day of season 2016/2017, the exhibition of life and works of Mikael Tariverdiev was opened on 03 September 2016. The event is one of the important events of the international festival “Remember this moment” to the 85-th anniversary of the composer, it is carried out with the assistance of Gosfilmofond of the Russian Federation and of the Museum of cinema.

The exhibition was opened in a festive atmosphere, an introductory word was said by the Deputy Director of the Museum Vladimir Lysenko, a composer’s widow Vera Tariverdieva, the representatives of the cinema close to the composer and associated with it by ties of creativity.

Mikael Tariverdiev (15 August 1931 – July 25, 1996) – Soviet and Russian composer, author of music to 132 movies, theater plays, 100 songs, 4 ballets, 4 operas, 3 concerts, 2 concerts for violin and orchestra and Concerto for viola and string orchestra. Studied at Yerevan state Conservatory and the Moscow music and pedagogical Institute Gnesin A. Khachaturian.

A feast for fans of M. Tariverdiev was a concert “From the first moment to the last.” The musical program of the evening consisted of performances of famous musicians: Olga Zotova, Tatyana Kuindzhi (soprano), Rustam Komachkov (cello), Alexei Goribol (piano), Ekaterina Melnikova (organ). They performed the rarely performed the last academic composer and well-known things from the movie (Seventeen moments of spring”, “Irony of fate or With light steam!”, etc.).

Вдова М. Таривердиева Вера Гориславовна на открытии выставки композитора в Музее Глинки

Tariverdiev was presented by things from his creative and personal life. The first exposition of the Museum of movie (costumes, items of props, posters), second – photos and memorabilia from the family archives: the archives of musical scores, home chair, a telescope and sky map. Tariverdiev was keen on (there is an international competition of organists named. Tariverdiev), photography and astronomy, and achieved great heights. Perhaps personal belongings will be the basis of the Museum-apartment of Mikael Tariverdiev (he lived on the street Usievicha in Moscow), if the hassle of Vera in this direction will be crowned with success. Such plans are available.

Афиша первого публичного выступления М. Таривердиева в Тбилиси


Russian museum of Music Culture.


Russian museum of Music Culture.