The Moscow resaurant will provide service according to China Friendly

Ресторан Jamie’s Italian, г. Москва

23 restaurants of Ginza Project holding have been certified according to China Friendly standard in St.-Petersburg. The following restaurants have joined China Friendly: Jamie’s Italian, “Baklazhan”, “Gastronomika”, “Katyusha”, “Koryushka”, “Mamalyga”, “Mari Vanna”, “Mansarda”, “Moskwa”, “By the river”, “Spices & joy”, “Ribeye”, “Khochy Kharcho”, “Tsar”, Capuletti , Food Park, Francesco, Ginza, SanDay Ginza, Terrassa and Volga-Volga.

The program China Friendly implies rendering services according to cultural specialties of foreign guests. Now, these public places will offer a menu in Chinese, Chinese chopsticks and a Chinese interpreter. In addition, these restaurants will provide payment by UnionPay cards.

China Friendly was launched by the Travel Association “World without borders” in 2014, and the project involved 80 companies in 13 regions of the Russian Federation. In 2016 program has been also started in Belarus.

The cultural and political magazine “E Vesti” asked the Travel Association to comment on the program. A PR-specialist iAnna Domracheva answered the questions.

E Vesti: The restaurants of St.-Petersburg participate in the project. Tell me, are there such places in Moscow?

Anna Domracheva: At the moment, only one Moscow restaurant has passed the certification of China Friendly, it is Jamie’s Italian.

EV: What criteria are considered when certification of this system?

Anna Domracheva: First, is the possibility to pay by the UnionPay cards. This is important, because it is the cards of the Chinese payment system and they are rarely serviced in Russia. Also, the program prescribes having a menu in Chinese, such places also provide clients with advertising cards in Russian and Chinese, so that foreign tourists will be able to show such card to a stranger to find the way to the place.

EV: Why are so few companies from Moscow involved in the program?

Anna Domracheva: There is only one restaurant from Moscow involved in the project, but now, some companies pass this certification. Therefore, in Moscow, the number of such places will increase in the future. Also, 25 Moscow hotels involved in the project, and the Museum Bunker-42 on Tagank also takes part in it. In addition, China Friendly includes the Moscow trade enterprises. For example, еру Central Universal Department Store services the UnionPay cards and provides information in the Chinese language, and offers the loyalty programs for for the Chinese tourists.

EV: Tell me please, what kind of customers does this program focuse on?

Anna Domracheva: Mainly, China Friendly is focused on those Chinese tourists who travel independently. This is because, when tourists come to Russia by groups, their entertainment program and a route are usually formed in advance.