The Moscow Kremlin museums can impose quotas on the admission

Музеи Московского Кремля могут ввести квоты на посещение

In 2015 the Moscow Kremlin museums was visited by 2’200’000 visitors. A quarter of them are Chinese, about a million US and Europe, the rest mainly citizens of Russia.

Elena Gagarina, Director of the Museum complex from 2001, will increase the flow of tourists in the current year. Along with positive emotions, there is fear that “our monuments so many simply do not survive, and we will have to introduce quotas, as it is now in the Armory” she said in an interview with TASS on 10 may 2016.

The Museum of the Imperial Treasury, weapons and Workshop houses – was established by decree of Alexander I in 1806. Today, it includes the Armoury chamber, the assumption, Archangel and Annunciation cathedrals, the Patriarch’s Palace, the Church of deposition of the robe, Ivan the Great bell tower and the Church of the Grand Kremlin Palace. The Museum has 700 employees working in museums, science, restoration and education.

The Museum’s collection includes about 160 thousand exhibits, but exhibited only 20% of the funds due to the lack of space. By 2020 must complete the project on organization of exhibition place on red square, in the Middle of the Shopping arcade. Here will be moved all, except for the state regalia and medals. The project deals with the architectural Bureau of Yuri Grigoryan.

The Museum is continuously completes buying stuff from the dealers or owners, receiving gifts. In addition, after jewelry exhibitions in its territory the Museum may choose to gift one of present things.

The main source of financing of the Kremlin today is income from own work, only 30% of financing comes from the budget.

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