The Ministry of Industry thinks to resettle Russians in a wooden house

Denis Manturov

The Ministry of industry and trade of Russia is finalizing the Strategy of timber industry development till 2030. Reliance on well-forgotten old idea – wooden houses will be a new thing in this strategy, which will give the timber industry a second wind.

The attempt to meet the desire of modern man to get own house is not Russian only. In the closest by climate Canada, 70% of homes are the low-rises. In North America and Western Europe wooden houses occupy up to 40% of the volume of housing construction, and in Russia – only 12%.

It will be possible to have own house not only in premium, but also in the economy segment. In addition, it is expected that this will give impulse to the overall development of the country: it will save resources and create demand for building materials and furniture from wood.

For promotion of wood construction in Russia, our Ministry of industry and trade is going to impose quotas for it in government programs and to make changes in legislation. For example, the construction of houses over 3 flours (in the manner of Western Europe) is stopped by the lack of regulatory and fire safety requirements.


Russian Ministry of Industry

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