The growth of the Russian production amounted to 2.3% in January 2017

Photo: The single portal of the budget system of the Russian Federation "The electronic budget"

According to the Ministry of economic development of Russia, in January of 2017 Russian industrial production rose by +2.3% compared to January 2016. This rise is referred to the extractive industry (+3.3%) and to processing (+2%) and to distribution of energy (+0.8%).

Oil supplies increased both to the domestic and foreign markets, as well as its delivery to processing (+2.6%).

Production of vehicles remained among the growth leaders (+32%). This period was marked also by substantial growth in leather (+13.4%), chemical production (+10.4%) and wood (+8.7%).

Growth has also referred to all kinds of transportation, especially by aviation (+25%).

The increase in electricity production (+1.2%) and heat (+5.1%) analysts connect the low temperatures of January 2017.