The government will support non-oil exports

Non-raw export support meeting. Photo:

Government identified targets of non-energy export support policy. First, this is an increase in the exports volume of high-tech products, in the IT service industry, education and other promising areas. Target is a non-energy exports growth figure is not less than 7% per year. Secondly, the creation of conditions and incentives to increase the number of enterprises working for export, including small and medium-sized businesses. Third, the increase in the amount of exported products and expansion of sales geography.

These and other questions related to exports and international cooperation were highlighted at the meeting of the Presidium the Presidential Council of the Russian Federation on strategic development and priority projects on September 27, 2016. The meeting was chaired by Dmitry Medvewww.

During the meeting export support program until 2025 was discussed. It was decided to focus on the following areas:

1. The need to improve export support system – the organization of various forms of support to the “one window” mode with standardized requirements and clear format of interaction.

2. Simplification of the requirements in the areas of customs, export and foreign exchange control.

3. International cooperation – the creation of more favorable conditions for Russian companies on international markets.

ВThe four priority promising industries were set – agricultural machinery, automotive industry, transport engineering and civil aviation, including aircraft and helicopters. In the next three years about 100 billion rubles will be allocated to support the export. According to priority sectors planned annual growth of up to 17%, in non-oil exports as a whole – 6-7% per year. Specifically on the car industry by 2018 it is planned to double the number of exports relative to 2016, and by 2025 reach a level of not less than 300’000 vehicles.