The government will increase small business by 10% by 2018

В. Путин. Фото: Пресс-служба Президента РФ

The government outlined the purpose of support small and individual entrepreneurship is the increasing number of small businesses by 10% growth in the number of workers employed in these regions, up to 20 million people by 2018. It is planned to focus on countries where the backbone of the economy is small business – the share of workers of small and individual entrepreneurship should be at 35% or above from total employment.

These issues were raised on 21 September 2016 at a meeting of the presidential Council for strategic development and priority projects chaired by V. Putin.

Emphasis was placed on the need to focus financial support on key sectors where small business is concentrated, and state strategic areas – manufacturing, high technology, agriculture, services. Key areas of support is a system of state orders, additional funding (benefits of certification, access to technology and loans) primarily through the leasing centers. For example, Corporation for the development of small and average business was accepted the decision about decrease of funds that come from the Corporation, up to 0.1% (because of this, the average entrepreneur can get a loan at 9.6%, and small businessman under 10.6%) and it was suggested that the reduction of the lower threshold of the loan amount that you can take with the software, to 10-15 million (now 50 million).

It is planned to distribute a good solutions implemented in some regions, to continue the development of the business Navigator (the system that allows the businessman to obtain information on required products and services in a particular region), to develop solutions for “self-employed” individual entrepreneurs and to create 230 of the multipurpose centers of the state support for small businesses, operating on the principle of “one window”.

Source Kremlin.