The French against the family policy of the government

81% of French people do not approve of the fiscal policy of the state, according to the survey of the new organization for the protection of the family Robbed families (Les Familles plumées). The purpose of the Association is to sound the alarm in the face of government measures that destroy family politics. It had organized on Sunday 50 stocks across France on Saturday announced the results of a survey on the perception of French family policy of the government.

81% of the French believes that the government’s taxation policy is detrimental to families. By the way, 68% are sympathetic to the “left”.

The reform of maternity vacations is not popular too. This year to reach 3 years vacation, the vacation should be distributed between the spouses. 74% of the French believe that it is easier to stay one of the spouses. Also, 71% are dissatisfied sympathizes with “left” and 91% “right”.

83% of French feel “fiscal abhorrence.“ This feeling is shared by 95% “right”, 80% of the unemployed and 79% of pensioners.

77% believe that the government will continue the reform of family benefits. Indeed, the government has decided to reduce benefits on the basis of the threshold wealth (for example,€ 6,000 per month for two children).

The survey was conducted on the basis of a sample of 1’009 French, age 18 or older online, in the period from 19 to 21 November 2014.

// Paris// 22/11/2014, Source: Le Figaro