The flow of Chinese tourists increased and required the training of guides and better infrastructure

Russian-Chinese tourism conference

On September, 26 2016 Moscow hosted a conference devoted to the Russian-Chinese tourism, the organizers were the Tourism association “World without borders” and the Russian-Chinese Committee of friendship, peace and development.

To better implement the Chinese projects, the Russian party has created a Coordination council.

Today, the bilateral relations are actively developing between countries in the humanitarian field, helped by the successful holding of the reciprocal years of tourism between the two countries. The number of the Chinese tourists visiting Russia is growing: the number of tourists from China increased up to 677’000 people in 2015 against 343’000 people in 2012. According to statistics, the Chinese women of over 40 years old mainly visit Russia, and the average cost of a trip is about 135’000 RUR.

As for hosting the Chinese tourists, a number of problems exist. They are the lack of state control, shortage of guides-interpreters with knowledge of the Chinese language, as well as the lack of good transport and accommodation facilities. Today, only 82 Chinese guide-interpreters work in Moscow, and they are all self-employed people.

Due to the shortage of places of accommodation in the major cities, the distribution of tourism flows among the neighboring regions has become one of the solutions to the problem. To solve the staff problem, the association “World without borders” and the Association of guide-interpreters will begin to prepare such specialists this year, and a Board of Trustees consisting of representatives of travel agencies will be created to oversee the education quality.