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The first Austrian investment in the SEZ: the opening of the plant Backaldrin in Russia

Baсkaldrin Ступино

On 25 July 2016 was layed the first stone in the base of the plant Baсkaldrin in the Moscow suburb of Stupino, where is the “five-star” special economic zone (SEZ) GDP Stupino Quadrat is placed. The ceremonial start of construction of the plant in addition to representatives Baсkaldrin was attended by the Embassy of Austria, the government of Russia, the Russian Association of clusters and technology parks, SEZ management and other guests. High interest in the event is not accidental, because this is a landmark event and the first Austrian investment in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

The company Baсkaldrin is the leading Austrian manufacturer of bakery and confectionery raw materials. It opened its first “House of bread” in Russia in 2007. In the spring of 2017 the Russian production will be launched, which will satisfy domestic and export needs.

The Russian plant will cover an area of 4,300 m2 and will employ over 30 people. It will become the fifth foreign enterprise of the company after Jordan, Switzerland, Mexico and South Africa.

First welcomed guests the company’s owner Peter Augendopler, who spoke primarily about company’s luck in Russia. “The fact that our company came from a small country – Austria, on such a big market, as Russian, is a special case. At the moment the company has customers in all regions of the country. Many of the clients have become our friends.

Peter Augendopler. Backaldrin

Augendopler explained to E Vesti: “Russia has a big culture of bread and it is very similar to the Austrian… And of course, the Russian market has a very big future”.

In response to the question about if the company plans to promote here the famous Viennese pastries, he said, “the Vienna bakery existed a centuries ago, but today we also want to show high quality of Austrian products. When Austria was an Empire, it absorbed the best from its regions. Vienna pastry shop and our products are also the best from all regions of the Empire, but it also based on our modern knowledge and improved quality of life. How to improve the quality of life? First of all, with a help of food! What’s a meal without bread?”.

Also P. Augendopler noted the particularly positive role of the government of Russia in this event. “The laying of this stone to us is a sign that we have full confidence in Russia and believe in our Russian project, “he said,” the Russian soul really exists”.

Dr. Dietmar Fellner. Backaldrin's first stone

Dr. Dietmar Fellner – commercial counselor of the Austrian Embassy in Russia has said that the Backaldrin is a pioneer of Austrian-Russian relations.” According to him, Austrian companies have already invested in Russia more than 9 billion euros. In 90% of cases these investments were successful. “The times when Austria just exported goods to Russia are over. Now we need to invest in manufacturing here,” he said.

Dr. Emil Brix, Ambassador of Austria to the Russian Federation

Dr. Emil Brix – the Ambassador of Austria in Russia approved the “courageous decision”. He noted that “currently more than 500 companies from Austria are presented in Russia.” “The majority of enterprises of Austria are family companies. Backaldrin is one of these enterprises. It was founded in 1964 and since then is operating in more than 100 countries of the world.” “I wish the company to sell out hundreds of thousands of kornspitz” (refers to the brand’s product).

Alexander V. Tsybulsky (Deputy Minister of Economic development of the Russian Federation) stressed the importance of the project and the area in General for the government: “This is the first Austrian investor who come in the SEZ of Russia. Today we can consider that the cooperation between the SEZ and the Austrian business begun.” At the same time, A.V. Tsybulsky said that the concept of SEZ in the area of Stupino differs from others. A private initiative began here as and has received additional business opportunities, which has already been used by 5 existing investors. “For us, the development of the SEZ Stupino – is not just an ordinary project, but the project is promising, which we treat with all you hearts” – he noted.

  1. Butsaev at launch of Backaldrin plant in Stupino

Denis Petrovich Butsaev (Deputy Chairman of Moscow region Government) noted the timeliness of the decision: “From the moment of filing the application up to registration in the SEZ passed less than one year. It was some kind of record”. He also welcomed the arrival of Austrian investors, because they are consistent and extremely reliable.”

“We do not wish You success, we guarantee it” – so welcomed the arrival of the investor Pavel Chelpan, head of administration of the Stupino district of the Moscow region. “For our district this event is a continuation of our policy of attracting investment. We commissioned annually 2-3 factories. This factory may be small, but iconic. Austria is an interesting country – it is one of those that support Russia at any case. And we supported Austria because the Austrians are responsible people accurate in their business. This project is 570 million rubles of investment, 35 jobs, import substitution”.

Backaldrin became the 9th resident of GDP Stupino Quadrat. Managing partner of the organization Ekaterina Evdokimova commented to E Vesti the significance of this launch: “For us it is a very important event. Austria is traditionally the country-manufacturer. I hope that the investments of the first Austrian manufacturer will be followed by other Austrian investors.”


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