The exposition of Valery Koshlyakov “Elisions”opened in The Museum of Russian Impressionism

From 10 September to 27 November 2016 an exhibition of works by Valery Koshlyakov “Elisions” will host in the Museum of Russian Impressionism. The artist works with a combination of traditional painting and the use of unconventional materials, including old things found in the garbage. The distinctive style of the author – stains and smudges of paint in the pictures. The exhibition allows us to see the present of the new look through the prism of antiquity.

Valery Koshlyakov about the exhibition: “The name of the project -” Elisions”- traces of disappearances. Description of non-existence and habitats familiar to us, ancient images. Ruins and the dream presented in the genre of Pompeii phantasmagoria, but instead of the ancient deified nature serves human nature. This urban space, the architecture of various buildings”.

At the entrance to the museum you can see the ruins of the ancient Roman insula, the usual modern Moscow apartment can be seen through the prism of it.

Valery Koshlyakov’s works have been exhibited in museums in Europe and America: the Louvre, the State Russian Museum, the Guggenheim Museum in New York and Bilbao, Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, Art Kennedy Center in Washington and many others. They are in major state and frequent collections around the world. Some of the works of the exhibition “Elisions”, presented at the Museum of Russian Impressionism, will be shown as part of the Venice Biennale in 2017.

Exposition opened by the press conference, where the opening words, in particular, said the founder of the Museum Boris Mints and Director of the Museum Julia Petrova.

Boris Mintz about the project: “This is a unique project, as a fundamental concept, which is implemented, allowing all those who come here, to think seriously and to disclose to an understanding of the meanings that Valery Koshlakov invested here in this exposition, in this exhibition. That, in my view, super interesting. Many of the works has not been seen before this exhibition, quite unique, new works are here. For us this is an important project, because in accordance with the plan, for which the museum is open, very important for us is to promote Russian Impressionism and one of epostasey where we’re going to move – a modern Russian artists, their creativity. We will try to do everything to the outstanding of our contemporaries have been shown, to have had the opportunity to present the exhibition”.

Julia Petrova: “We are quite deliberately released all four floors in order to turn massive, global project here. More recently, we have positioned ourselves and talk about ourselves, that we do focus on the Russian art of the junction XIX – XX centuries, and suddenly is literally our next project is dedicated to contemporary artist. This is no coincidence. I think that creativity of Valery Koshlyakov as probably none of the contemporary artist is in dialogue with the classics. “Elisions” that are here today, in my opinion, perfectly fit into the building”.

The exhibition, located on four floors of the museum, consists of the ruins, installations, paintings and sculptures. Looking around the exhibition, the viewer is fully immersed in the fantasy world of the artist.

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