The exhibition “I Will Tell You with the Last Frankness …”

Выставка «Я скажу тебе с последней прямотой…»

On December, 26 in the State Literature Museum starts the exhibition “I Will Tell You with the Last Frankness …”, that is dedicated to the 125th anniversary since Osip Mandelstam’s birth. This project will be unprecedented by the quantity of exhibits, and also by the quantity of the museums and archives which took part in its creation. Materials will be presented both in originals, and on multimedia screens.

Osip Mandelstam is the prosaic, the translator, the essayist, the literature critic and one of the greatest Russian poets of the 20th century. He was born on January 15, 1891 in Warsaw, than he graduated from Tenishevsky school in St. Petersburg, studied in Sorbonne and the Heidelberg University. Mandelstam started as the symbolist, then his life was affected strongly by acquaintance to acmeists, adherents of an opposite literary trend. After October revolution he found success, being published in newspapers and acting with verses, but since 1933 he had been in disgrace and he was sent in deportation for a long time, and in 1938 he was arrested and died in camp from typhus.

Mandelstam’s photos and the photos of his family, views of places which were significant for the poet, portraits made by Milashevsky, Kruglikova, Osmerkin, original autographs and posters of performances, the first editions of his books “Egyptian Brand”, “Stone”, “Noise of Time” will be presented on the exposition. The visitors of the exhibition will be able to learn the unknown facts from poet’s life and see the unique multimedia reconstruction of his work on manuscripts.

Each of the exposition halls will be devoted to one of the periods of poet’s life. In the first hall chronicle of Mandelstam’s, his family and close neighborhood from 1910th years before October revolution lives will be submitted. The second hall is devoted to poet’s journeys during Civil war when the major poetic and prosaic works had been created by him. The third hall will tell about the last period of his life from arrest in 1934 to death in camp in 1938. In the last hall it will be possible to learn about destiny of a creative heritage and poet’s archive, and also about Nadezhda Yakovlevna Mandelstam’s role in his preservation. In each hall will be performed the poems declaimed by the author which records are stored in the funds of the State Literary Museum.