The exhibition for the 150 anniversary since the birth of Valentin Serov

Выставка к 150-летию со дня рождения Валентина Серова

The grand exhibition for the 150 anniversary since the birth of Valentin Serov was prepared by the Tretyakov gallery. Visitors will be able to see 250 works of the great artist. There are not only paintings among the exhibited works but also graphic works, sculptures, theater curtain, historical records.

Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov (1865 – 1911) is one of the most popular Russian artists, the largest key figure of his time. Serov synthesized in his work the best traditions of Russian realistic school, the lessons of the old European masters and the innovation of the contemporary painters. He identified the development of Art Nouveau in Russia and became for Russian art the form-building artist. He anticipated the archetype of the creative personality of the twentieth century with universalism and paradoxes of his talent.

ВThe exhibition presents the best works of the master, those brilliant paintings and graphic works, thanks to which the artist had got universal love. The fundamental catalog is published and the cultural educational program is prepared to the exhibition. The exhibition exhibits have been provided by provided 25 Russian museums, 4 foreign museums, and private collections as well. The event organizers will impress the audience not only with the spectacular scale of the exhibition, but also with the unique and exclusive works of the master, which have never been presented before. These works will be shown for the first time: «Alexander III’s portrait» from meeting of Officer fund of Royal leyb-guard (Copenhagen, Denmark), «M. N. Akimova’s Portrait» from National gallery of Armenia (Yerevan), «M. Ya. Lvova’s Portrait» from a collection of the museum D’Orsay (Paris, France). The sensation of the exhibition will be a grand curtain for the ballet «Scheherazade» by N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov, supplied for the «Russian Seasons» by Sergei Diaghilev. Also, due to the section which includes documents, letters, photographs, Serov will appear not only as an artist, but as one of the most authoritative figures in the public life of his time: the teacher, the member of the Tretyakov Gallery, the participant of organizations like «Association of Itinerant Art Exhibitions», «World of Art» and «Union of Russian Artists».

The exhibition is open to the public until January 17, 2016.





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