The Belgrade orchestra and Nemanja Radulovic has performed in Moscow

Belgrade Philharminy and Nemanja Radulovic in Moscow, 2016

06 September 2016 took place a long-awaited concert in Moscow. Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and violinist Nemanja Radulovic performed their show. At the end of the first act the audience of the Concert hall Tchaikovsky did not let the artists to leave; after the concert, when the orchestra had already played an encore of several works, conductor Daniel Raiskin was forced to say that they need to stop and to promise to come here once again.

The room was full because of the Serbs in Russia are always waiting. Besides the Russians, there was clearly audible Italian and English speaches – it were European fans of the orchestra and of the violinist, located who is Moscow.

The evening program opened with a composition of N. Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Serbian Fantasia” performed by the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, which opened to the public a high level of guests’ skills.

Then Nemanja Radulovic, externally somewhat similar to young N. Paganini, came on the scene and together with the orchestra played “Concerto for violin and orchestra in d minor” by A. Khachaturian. The experience was overwhelming. There is a level of skill that can affect even those who had not previously been fascinated by the violin – like dance of Anna Pavlova and Galina Ulanova are able to reveal to uninitiated what is a ballet. Nemanja showed the possibilities of the violin with ease and a smile on his face.

In the second act sounded Symphony No. 9 “From the New world” by Antonin Dvořák, then more stuff for the encore – and it was very sorry that the next concert will non be held soon. While agree the organizers it takes time.

As yet it is a pity that we are not professional musicians, but fans) know a little of the Serbian music school, Serbian composers and performers. The Serbs are in fact very close to us. In this case, the Europeans know about the Serbs more.

Nemanja Radulovic after the concert were photographed with visitors, signed autographs. We asked Nemanja: Are you satisfied with your first visit to Russia?.

Radulovic: Actually, I think the most important thing was to share the moment with the audience, with a people. I was very happy today.

E Vesti: Are you always behave yourself like you did today? I mean your smile, your communication with hall and other musicians?

Radulovic: This shows who am I. I’m trying to calm down, but I’m try to be natural and to share with my emotion…

E Vesti: It’s seams to me that your smile gave them energy to play and to smile for you too. So, your concert – it is something out of my mind, now I know what does it mean violin.

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