The aesthetics of sadness will be played in January 2017 at the Moscow Conservatory

Roman Mints. Photo: Karina Gradusova

09-15 January 2017 at the Conservatory will take place the 20th “Vozvraschenie” festival. This means four concerts (09, 11, 13, 15 Jan) in the format of all-stars show “for those who understand”. Support for the project is provided on the, which helps musicians to cover organizational costs of the festival.

Over 40 professional musicians will present their favourite pieces. Programme of the festival is traditionally not be like anything else. The first three concerts – thematic (“Torments of love”, “Sunset” and “Epitaph”), the fourth is final “gala”. Listeners of Rakhmaninov hall of the Moscow Conservatory will hear a variety of musical works from the Treasury of world vocal and instrumental music: “Two poems of Ronsard” A. Russella, “Trio in e-flat major” by F. Shubert, “the Thirteen colors of the setting sun” by T. Muir, “For the shores of your distant homeland” by A. Borodin, “Plainscapes” P. Vasks and other vocal and instrumental compositions from different styles and eras, for lovers of a rich musical language.

By design, the program of each concert – “new meta-text that occur only for one night, and most importantly — completely open to interpretation: it can be seen as anything, from intellectual puzzles to musical mischief, from a curious experiment to the post-modern eclecticism”.

Twenty years ago this festival was invented by the violinist Roman mints and oboist Dmitry Bulgakov. Cultural-political magazine “E Vesti” addressed to the Roman Mints with the request to tell about the festival to our readers a little bit more.

E Vesti: Roman, Your festival this year is celebrating a substantial anniversary. Please tell me whether it is possible to conclude that the project was a success and You have no desire to change it or suspend?

Mints Roman: People are just going, playing chamber music, it makes sense and someone else likes it. Why not? Sometimes, of course, after the festival I want to stop it… basically, 20 years for the festival is normal period.

EV: Do you have permanent staff members of the festival’s or is it updated?

Mints Roman: We have a core of regular participants, and there are those musicians who participate from time to time or for the first time.

This year the festival involved more than 40 musicians. Of those who participated in the first festival, in January play Dmitry Bulgakov, Jacob Katsnelson, Boris Andrianov. Igor Fedorov… a Lot of people. Pianist Ksenia Bashmet and Catherine Apekisheva play from the second festival and there are many those who are with us in the 15th-16th time.

For the first time Boris Abramov and Igor Malinovsky, for example, participate in the festival.

EV: What kind of musicians? Celebrities, winners of international competitions…?

Mints Roman: International competitions can be important as you grow. When a person enters a Mature period, all that stuff is irrelevant. In 40 years you either Mature, or did not take place.

EV: On what basis do You invite musicians?

Mints Roman: he principle of invitation is quite simple: musician needs to be a good man, first of all, and, secondly, a good professional. Between us there should be what is called chemistry – that is, when between people there is some kind of magic.

EV: Your program is designed so that one person will occlusal and understand the full replica, or a concert designed for a certain taste?

Mints Roman: In fact, the program is intended only to please us. If you’re going what you don’t like yourself, it will not be interested for others.

Our programs are compiled thematically. Threads that combine the works of the concert, look this year:

  1. agony of love. This topic is dedicated to music inspired by unhappy, frustrated love. The name of the concert recalls the eponymous work by Fritz Kreisler, which this concert will not be.
  2. Sunset. There are works related to the sunset, both literally and figuratively. The sunset could be like the sunset in nature or end of life.
  3. The epitaph is a work written in someone’s memory.

EV: Please tell me, how is it that the new year holidays You have the first pangs of love, then the sunset, and there an epitaph?

Mints Roman: We never tie at New year, the new year all without us will be enough. Everyone will celebrate, and maybe they need a new shade…

We have themes and more joyful, but this year they are here.

EV: You offer people a shade of deep sadness?

Mints Roman: It is not so simple. It is often the fact that previously seems to be deep sadness, turns to the listener something else. So you should come hear…

Someone, for example, wrote that one of the funniest programmes of the festival was dedicated to suicides.

EV: Your program is aimed at professionals or newers?

Mints Roman: I think that it is for professionals, for Amateurs and neophytes too.