Tesla Motors is preparing to enter Russian market

Tesla Model S Photo: Tesla Motors

American electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors is already looking for sites of its office and dealerships in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, reported the newspaper Kommersant referring to its sources at the real estate market. Thus, announced last year, the company plans to enter the Russian car market in 2017 or early 2018, find new evidences.

Tesla Motors is one of the world leaders in the production of electric vehicles (the second after Renault-Nissan Alliance). In addition to electric cars, it also deals with all necessary infrastructures for their usage, including the construction of a network of electric charging stations, technologies of generation and energy storage. Turnover of its automotive division amounted to 6.4 billion USD in 2016 year. 83’922 (+64% YoY) electric cars were produced last year.

Tesla Model X. Photo: Tesla Motors
Tesla Model X. Photo: Tesla Motors

Currently, Tesla Motors produces two electric models:

  • Model S sedan – price is from $71’000 in USA. On a single charge the car can travel from 350 up to 506 km (depends on the battery’s power).
  • Model X crossover (from $88’800). Run – 381-474 km.

Production of the third model – sedan Model 3 – will begin in the middles of 2017 with first deliveries in the middle of 2018. This will be the most affordable vehicle in the range – from $35’000. One charge of its battery will be enough for 346 km.

Tesla Model 3. Photo: Tesla Motors
Tesla Model 3. Photo: Tesla Motors

As Tesla Club Moscow says (it sells and servicing cars in Moscow), delivery of cars to Moscow takes 2.5 – 4 months. Price of Model S is from 7 million RUR, Model X – from 8.5 million RUR.

According to Autostat agency, Russian fleet of Tesla cars accounted 152 vehicles on December 1, 2016. More than half of them are registered in Moscow. According to the Russian owners of the electric car, small faults can be repaired in a common service center and in case of serious defects it is necessary to call specialists from Europe, which costs about 5 thousand Euros. Therefore, forthcoming opening of official representative offices and service centers not only make owners life easier, but also will significantly increase sales volumes in Russia.

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