Swedes chose the Volkswagen instead of domestic Volvo

Volkswagen Golf #1 in Sweden in 2016. Photo: Volkswagen Group

Volvo for the first time in half a century, ceased to be the most popular model of cars in its native Sweden. In 1962 the position of Volvo in the domestic market dented Volkswagen Beetle, and 2016 – Volswagen Golf.

According to Swedish Manufacturers ‘ Association (BIL Sweden), Volswagen Golf gained 5.93% of the Swedish market and topped the list of the most popular models of the country. The sales of light and commercial vehicles in Sweden amounted to 372’000 units (+8%), the truck market rose by 15% in 2016.

However, Sweden’s love Volvo determines the dominant position of the brand in Sweden (21.5% of the market), despite the fact that the owner of the Volvo is Chinese Geely. China is the largest market of Volvo; Sweden market is the second.

It should be noted that the list of favorites of the Swedish car market is very different from Russian. According to the Association of European Business (AEB) in November 2016 budget cars lead the market (Lada, Kia, Hyundai), in Sweden – cars of high medium and medium price segments. Below we show a comparative table of TOP models generated on the basis of the Russian official price lists.

TOP 3 models in Russia (Jan-Nov 2016)TOP 3 models in Sweden (Jan-Dec 2016)
KiaRio79’6336.2%538’700VolvoV70II, S/V90N21’3215.7%2’641’000

Sources: AEB Russia, BIL Sweden