Struggle for independence of Renault

Борьба за независимость Renault

On November 06, 2015 began a new round of struggle between Renault and French state for independence of the concern. The state wants to protect national interests and to influence on strategically unfavorable global decisions of the auto maker. The latter defend oneself.

French government increased its share from 15 % up to 19.7% in capital of (former) Department of Industrial Renault factories (23.2% share for vote). In 2016 it may get from General Meeting of companies also a right to double-vote by «Florange» low for more than 2 years. The right gives, in addition, opportunity to veto decisions. This can prevent disagreement 2/3 of the shareholders Meeting, where apropos there is no voice of Nissan partner.

Renault will make decision, which will balance national interests and the interests of the partnership by a decision of the Board of administration. Perhaps, Renault will decrease its share in alliance to 40% to unlock the law of the state vote, or Nissan will increase its share to get right of participance in the Meeting influencing the decision. French prine-minister Manuel Valls, by his turn, underlined, that he wishes to keep the alliance in present form, without any merge.

From 1999 Renault forms alliance with Nissan (Nissan has 15% of Renault, Renault – 43.4% of Nissan). Thus, both companies are managed by Carlos Ghosn. In January-September 2015, according to RC Effet, the concern sold 6.045 mln vehicles globally.

The problem of Renault dependence from the state, otherwise creation of Régie nationale de Renault on the basis of former Renault plants, appeared 60 years ago, by the order of January 16, 1945. Louis Renault, founder of the company, lost his factories in September 1944 for cooperation with the occupier-Germany during the World War 2 (that is in 1940-1943) and issue of materials for its army, and one month ago he died in clinic.