State orchestra and State chorus jointly celebrated the 80th anniversary in the Bolshoi theatre

State Russian Academic Orchestra. Photo: press-service of State orchestra

Historical stage of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia 28 November 2016 was the site for the first joint gala concert of outstanding Russian music institutions: State academic Symphony orchestra by Evgeny Svetlanov and the State academic Russian choir named after A. Sveshnikov. The organizer of the performances is the Foundation for cultural and educational programs “Open sea”.

Svetlanov Symphony orchestra of Russia was firstly performed on 5 October 1936 in the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatory. The first leader of the group was Alexander Gauk (1936-1941), since 2011 its director is Vladimir Jurowski, principal guest conductor is Vladimir Petrenko.

Hoshor originated in 1936, “for the purpose of development and promotion of choral music, especially of Russian songs, and for creating exemplary choir” on the basis of the vocal ensemble of the Radio Committee. Its first performance took place in 1937 under the direction of A. V. Sveshnikov. Since 2012 it is directed by E. K. Volkov, chief choirmaster is A. V. Teplov

Anniversary gala concert, staged by Yury Laptev, demonstrated the diverse capabilities of the groups in the performance of Russian and European music. It included the orchestral and choral sound, Opera and ballet, artistic expression. The scenery, created especially for the concert, succeeded each other, bringing the viewer from genre to genre, from country to country, from romance to the classics. The concert was led by artist Nikolai Burov, and solo stars of the world Opera and ballet, winners of International contests added solemnity to a scene.

The program was designed not only with the festive mood, but with a Patriotic sense. It opened and closed with hymns and coronation works. Opening masterpiece was the Patriotic song of Glinka, and closure – Coronation cantata by A. Glazunov, the latter was presented by State Chorus and State orchestra together. A special number was the premiere Project of the failed Soviet Anthem written in 1943 by Sergei Prokofiev, performed together with the state orchestra and state chorus.

The concert featured the works of P. I. Tchaikovsky, S. Rachmaninov, G. Sviridov, Sibelius, Saint-Saens and other great composers. In the ballet “Swan” we saw the soloist Olga Smirnova, which is considered a unique star of our time by connoisseurs of the ballet. Trepak from “Songs and dances of death” by M. Mussorgsky was sang the famous Olga Borodina.

Special guests for the gala concert were the Georgian ensemble “Suliko” of the Tbilisi state Opera and ballet theatre Paliashvili and the ensemble “Mtskheta”. They performed at the Bolshoi theatre works by prominent Georgian composer, pupil of Taneyev – Z. Paliashvili: “Tsangala Yes gogona” from the Opera “Daisi” Gothorum was sang a capella with chorus and Song from the Opera “Daisi” – with the state orchestra.

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