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State Literary Museum will restore the headstone of the mother of Dostoevsky

Dostoevsky Museum. Vladimir N. Zakharov, Dmitry P. Bak, Galina B. Ponomareva

4 years later, in 2021, our country will hold lavish celebrations of the 200th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian writer and muscovite Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881). The State literary Museum (GosLitMuseum) decided to start preparing for the important date in advance and pays tribute to the person the most important for Dostoevsky, which exerted a decisive influence on him.

Connoisseur of the human soul, Dostoevsky suffered much in his life. A descendant of the “pious Russian family,” the son of a doctor in the Mariinsky hospital for poor, Fyodor lost the mother who personified for him the family throughout life.

Death of Maria Dostoevskaya (born Nechaeva) occurred from tuberculosis on 27 February (11 March) 1837, in the 37 year of her life. “Keep there, our dear ashes, till the joyful morning” – these words by N. Karamzin inconsolable sons engraved on her black granite monument, we’ve been told by V. Zakharov, President of the International Dostoevsky society.

The tomb of the mother of F. Dostoevsky was located in Lazarevskoe cemetery (now the site of the temple of the Holy spirit), the first civil cemetery in Moscow. The writer regularly visited it during his life, then it was cared by his widow Anna until her death in 1918.

The cemetery was closed near 1930s, its plate was moved into the cellar of the house-Museum of F. Dostoevsky, now owned by GosLitMuseum, where it was kept until this day. However, as noted by D. Buck, Director of GosLitMuseum, real place of the tombstone is on the cemetery.

The Museum jointly with the Ministry of Culture, the International Dostoevsky society, a Society of Orthodox doctors, a cemetery and many other organizations, was decided to return the gravestone of M. Dostoevsky in its rightful place 180 years after her death.

On 11 March 2017 at 14 hours, in the temple of the Holy spirit will be held the funeral service and the consecration of the restored monument of Maria Dostoevskaya. At 17 hours in the House-Museum of F. Dostoevsky (Dostoevsky street, h. 2) will be held the evening of her memory with the participation of the key modern researchers of F. Dostoyevsky, where you will hear excerpts from letters to his mother, memories of his brother Dostoevsky and guitar music of the first third of the XIX century.

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