Spivakov Fund has awarded scholarships to talented children

The Foundation of Vladimir Spivakov on 01 Mar 2017 presented 5 scholarships at 75’000 RUR for talented Russian kids. Fellowships have been reveived by young artist of the Sakhalin region A. Chernykh (b. 1999), and four young musicians: pianist E. Kolesnikova (b. 2001) from Bashkortostan, harpist E. Aflyatunova (b. 2009) from Togliatti, accordionist G. Ravilov (b. 2001) from Tatarstan and guitarist F. Prikaznov (b. 2003) from Nizhny Novgorod. The fellows made a real concert to the participants of the ceremony, which included music from different genres and eras – from the Tatar folk song “Zalida” to “Glory” from the Opera “Ivan Susanin” M. I. Glinka.

The Spivakov Foundation was established in 1994, founder and President of the Foundation is violinist and conductor V. Spivakov. He is in search of young talented musicians and artists in Russia, and then involved in “organization of their creative process” in the country and abroad. Exhibitions, workshops, concerts and tours are organized for youth.

The host of the ceremony, artistic Director of the International Charitable Fund of V. Pyotr Gulko said that this is “the prize of hope”. Of course, any attention to a talented child is an investment in his future, especially if this attention gets the name of the famous musician. The totality of investment in the future of children gives hope for a decent musical future to everyone individually and to the country as a whole.

Special guest of the evening was the longtime protege of the Fund A. Malofeev. “Our boy, whom we discovered and showed to the world” – introduced Alexander to the audience P. Gulko. 15-year-old musician opened by the Foundation today is famouse in Russia and in the world. He is the winner of the most prestigious international competitions, he has the first prize and Gold medal at the VIII International youth Tchaikovsky competition.


Spivakov Fund

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