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Report of Olga Golodets at a meeting with the Deputies PM. Photo -
High-tech medical care will be developed in Russia
In his message to the Federal Assembly in December 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed in the three years in a half times increase the…
Photo - RIA Novosti
Scientists scared the microparticles away
As part of the international team of scientists , the Russian physicists proposed a new method of controlling the microparticles on solid surfaces in the…
Scientists have found way to predict scientific success
A group of scientists from the Boston’s Northeastern University, led by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi conducted a study aimed to determine whether a success of scientific work…
The word “litterature” (lat. lit(t)era letter) originated in the XVIII century. The concept that emerged from the literature of antiquity, stone age (VIII century BC)…
Policy science
The word politics came to Russian language from the Greek language. It is closely related to two concepts: Politeia (gr.πολιτεία – public device) and Politika…