Ruza milk, Milk river and agriculture of Russia

Молодые коровы на ферме ОАО Рузское молоко

On August 13, 2016 in Ruza (Moscow region) hosted the festival “Milk river”. For the second year in a row, it contributes to the maintenance of Ruza and Russian traditions, with the support of administration of Ruzsky municipal district and JSC “Ruzsky milk”.

Agroholding “Ruzsky milk”, we believe You know for a long time and love their dairy products. Therefore, in our opinion, You will be interested in our interview with the President of the holding Ruzsky milk Vasiliy Vadimovich Boyko-Velikiy of agricultural production in modern Russia. At the end of the article we invite You to see our photo essay about the festival.

E Vesti: Vasily Vadimovich, can I ask you how You manage so consistently, for a long time, in spite of any malevolence to continue on the path of preserving the traditions and quality?

Vasiliy Vadimovich Boyko-Veliky, President of the agricultural holding Ruzsky milk

V. V. Boiko-Veliky: Thanks to the help of God and the intercession of Our Lady. Because, of course, we see so many attacks that no human strength could withstand that. It is Faith and a personal commitment to make products efficiently, for themselves.

We try to make high-quality products to people that do good to their health and make them stronger (and not Vice versa) and we are calling everyone for this. I every day except one-day and multi-day fasts, start your day with cheese, sour cream, Cup of yogurt.

E Vesti: It is said that now the investment climate created in Russia is probably the best in the world, better than in Europe. Are You able to use the investment institutions that are being created for development?

V. V. Boiko-Veliky: Today there is a lot of good, although I unfortunately can’t say that our investment climate is the best one. For one simple reason, and there is nothing to hide, – the rate of Bank credit in Western Europe and America in different periods varies 2-6%. We have to date 16%.

Of course, there are subsidized loans and it is very healthy and correct. For seasonal field work subsidy brought the rate to Western Europe. But, first, not everyone can get such loans, and secondly, in addition to seasonal field work, there are many other agricultural needs. This reconstruction of the dairy plant and procurement of equipment, and more. The technique, however, also provide subsidized loans, but not all.

Which is the most important now, is missing financial investments for the farmers. We do not expect any additional support, but common, normal, in the form of loans secured by land. The Central Bank prohibits banks today to take land as collateral…

Until this is restored, the program on agriculture, import substitution will be moving at a snail’s pace.

Airshow from Moscow at the festival of Milk river

E Vesti: However, the Ministry of agriculture is now implementing a program of development of agriculture and there is some extent evolving. Is there a technology of healthy and tasty products of JSC “Russian milk” in this development?

V. V. Boiko-Veliky: Yes, I believe it is. Now a lot of people seeks to take us as an example, a trend is seen in recent years. They come to me and consult, open a production of natural milk in the neighboring regions: Yaroslavl, Vladimir, Ivanovo and others. Our technology is certainly popular. But there is another trend that the economy of milk production, unfortunately, today is suffering from the adulteration of dairy products (palm oil), and it is also one of the troubles.

In fact, three woes of milk production: the lack of normal lending at the normal rate of real output, the dictates of commercial networks – monopolists that most of the profits of the farmers keep and use in the dairy and confectionery industries of the increasing quantity of palm oil. If these problems are to solve at least half, Russia began to feed dairy products to Europe and America, and not Vice versa.

E Vesti: The last question I wanted to ask you is about exports. If dairy products export to honor for our country, then this is Your product. As far as I know, now we have opened export opportunities, the Ministry of economic development and Vladimir Putin go and conclude the relevant contract. Are You able to use the export opportunities, in particular, the export center?

V. V. Boiko-Veliky: Sorry, we have perishable products with a shelf life of a week, maximum 10 days. It is very difficult to export, except for maybe butter.

As you know, in the blessed tsarist times, half of butter in Western Europe were from Russia (the Vologda region and other regions). But now the Western European market is almost closed for Russia. Moreover, not current sanctions, it was closed and two, and four years ago. Because despite the fact that we joined the WTO, there are no customs barriers, and procedural related to the certification of dairy products. They are not only for products from Russia but also from Latvia, Estonia, so that nothing is entered neither in Poland nor in Germany. For the latest dairy products is one of the main criteria of the economy. Germany, as far as I know, even “crushed” milk market in Italy with cheap yoghurts. Of course, we were not allowed there, do not want to start. It must be fought, but it is at the state level.

E Vesti: Thank you very much. Good luck to You in everything.

We hope the next year, followed by “Milk river” will be held on a large scale. And that this experience will adopt other regions of the country, especially because “Ruzsky milk” is willing to share their experiences.

What is the event? Place of the festival is Cossack meadow, and it is really “inhabited” by the Cossacks, many of them we find in the program, among the participants and guests of the festival. At the entrance to the glade each guest is gifted with a fresh Cup of milk, and kids by candy “korovka”.

Maria Presnova-Boyko at festival Milk river

At the beginning of the holiday there is a little greeting from the organizers of the festival and guests of honor. Official part gives way to the entertainment until the night. It includes an air show, a concert of folk music, farm animals and a rich fair with master classes of crafts and recipes (milking, Guryev porridge, cheese, cooking oil, etc.). The celebration turns out fun, educational and healthy, it is held outdoors with natural food. Kids are the most happy and appreciative guest.

Unlike many modern festivals for a mass audience, the emphasis here is made on family healthy holiday and the type of dispensation, which eliminates anything harmful to family values. Therefore, when night is falling, nobody is in a hurry to leave the clearing.

A separate leisure is tour. Everyone could sign up for a bus tour of the lands of the agricultural holding “Russian milk” with its fields and farm with calves and cows. Excursions is held by employees of the holding company “Ruzsky milk”: the press Secretary, agronomist, technicians. Picturesque in its natural beauty nature, affectionate well-groomed Chicks and fields, which sways from the light wind and then becomes a natural feed for them. A real rural idyll, where painters could find a lot of inspiration.

Festival Milk river, scenic views of the earth Ruza

Summing up our mini-report on the “milk river”, we would like to put the stamp “Recommended” for the discriminating public. If You decide to go on a holiday or a no – go, certainly with kids.