Russians became poorer and more pessimistic, but more hardworking

Russians became poorer and more pessimistic, but more hardworking

Recently Russian society was studied by three established all-Russian analytical companies. On April 26, 2016 Institute of Sociology (Russian Academy of Science) represented new research of the Russian society of March-April 2016.

Emotional contects becomes worse. 65% of adults evaluate situation in Russia as low-down, 8% feel disaster, and 18% only feel calm. 28% consider war with close nabours is possible. Nevertheless, 72% beleive Russian president more, than any other political institute (well-fixed by 80%, poor – 59%). And only 15% of Russians hope they can influence country’s policy.

Everyday bread is the most important thing for people. Main reason for troubles 82% of respondents see in CPI inflation, 58% – in logement fee prices up.

87% of Russians were forced to change their habits, to decrease expences and to transfer to saving mode. Key unit for saving is cloth (61%), food (51%) and repose (49%). 40% of Russians save on leisure and durable goods, 27% – on drugs.

Pessimism and saving mode were also noted by Central bank analysts. 54% of Russians prefer not to spend money for purchasing, but to laid it aside. 26% of Russians expect income decrease in the nearest future.

Simultaneousely research of All-Russian WCIOM center showed, that young Russians are not ready to refuse from work (those who refuse count 5%). But for mature people will to work decreases. 59% called money as main reason for work.

Survey of Institute of Sociology (Russian Academy of Science) marked that main value for Russians is Family. 57% of the citizens link success with family, 54% with wealth, 50% with work.

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