Russian population grew by 34 thousand people in 2014

В России в 2014 году население выросло на 34'000 человек

Russian State Statistics Comitee puplished data of «natural movement of population» in Russia in 2014.

Thus, 1’947 thousand people was born, and 1’914 thousand people died in 2014 in Russia. Natality counted 34 thousand people (how many counts migration is not mentioned). In general people died from natural causes, external causes of death counted 9%.

Among natural causes the biggest share is taken by diseases of the circulatory system – 50%, malignancy – 15% and diseases of the digestive system – 5%. 4% died from respiratory diseases and 2% from infections (including 1% from tuberculosis).

People was killed mainly by road accidents – 1.5%, suicide – 1.4%, murders – 0.7% and alcoholic poisoning – 0.5%.