Russian Ministry of Industry studies technologies of garbage processing

Recycling factory in Finland. Photo: press-office of Ministry of Industry

The Russian delegation comprising representatives of the Ministry of industry and trade visited Sweden and Finland, where it studied the innovative experience in recycling. Today, the Nordic countries have made great strides in garbage processing, which is almost all recycled into secondary raw materials and biofuels. The energy obtained in the process of recycling is sent for heating and lighting pf houses.

V. Evtukhov, Chairman of the delegation and Deputy Minister of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, noted:

“Recycling management can be regarded as an independent branch of the Russian economy, which is linked to all industries. It is obvious that the effective management of recycling is impossible without the development of the technological component. This issue is now engaged in the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation. We are focused on the effective involvement of products of wastes into the economic turnover, since the potential is large, both in consumption waste and industrial waste. The experience of Sweden and Finland in this regard is a reference point in development of the industry, in the long term it leads to highly efficient use of resources and significant energy savings”.

The issue of recycling and waste disposal is very acute for humanity. Every year in landfills accumulates millions of tonnes of waste, which lead to the unsuitability of the vast land, pollute the air and water. At the same time the processing of waste into secondary raw materials and energy allows not only to preserve natural resources and improve the environment, but also is a perspective direction of business.

Source: Press-office of Ministry of Industry