Russian Library of Foreign Literature and Pearson will give the Moscovites English lessons

Design project for a classroom of Pearson Space

In November 2016 the Russian State Library of Foreign Literature named after M. I. Rudomino and a British education company Pearson have agreed to establish an educational center Pearson Space in the library. The new center will open upon completion of renovations in early 2017.

According to the plan, the library will provide its location, and Pearson will provide the new center with everything necessary: a virtual laboratory and programs for learning English at any level of knowledge, as well as printed materials for studying and teaching English.

A press Secretary of the Library of Foreign Literature, Marina Seysenbaeva: “The idea of the centre is that we unite in one place all the products of Pearson. This is printed materials, multimedia products, programs developed by the company to improve the skills of teachers and students. All this is provided to a user for free”.

According to M. Seysenbaeva, “2 formats of studying will be available. The first format is an independent language learning, when a person will be able to study all available materials on their own. The second format is a classroom. It isl an area of coworking that would be freely available to any teacher and anyone who can hold a joint English class. The groups for language learning will form freely at the request of visitors. Of course, it will depend on the audience, if they are interested in working in a group, they will have such an option”.

In addition, the centre will hold free training courses for teachers of English. When a course is passed, the participants will get certificates. The centre will include 14 workstations with access to the Internet and all necessary materials, and a classroom with necessary training equipment. A consultant will work in the center, who will be able to provide visitors with all the information about educational materials and training. This consultant will be a qualified library staff with knowledge of Pearson products.

After the launch, the library will be able to offer other services, such as seminars, workshops, etc.

Resources: Ministry of Culture of Russia

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