Russian government gave instructions for the development of innovation

Russian government meeting on innovations in October 2016. Photo:

The government has identified tasks to the ministries involved in the development of innovations in Russia (the Protocol of the Russian government No. 5 d.d. October 2016).

Support to growth of innovation in the country is provided by innovative territorial clusters, where the participants are connected within the industrial, research and supply chains.

The decision of the government is based on proposal of the Ministry of Economic development of the Russian Federation for implementation of priority project “Development of innovative territorial clusters – leaders of investment attractiveness of world level”. It is believed that the project of innovation clusters to provide “an effective mechanism of attracting direct investments and activating external-economic integration”.

The cluster model was implemented in the Russian economy in 2013-2015. In December 2016 the first phase of the project, calculated until 2020, will be completed.

“In the previous three years we spent on this program 5 billion rubles, 27 clusters in 21 regions received the support, which allowed to create or upgrade 100 thousand jobs,” – said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a government meeting. At the moment innovative regions are highlighted in Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Kaluga, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Astrakhan and other areas. Innovation clusters enjoy start-up subsidies, as well as organizational support in Russia and abroad.

On the next stage the leaders of participants will be determined, and the government will be committed to achieve their “investment attractiveness of world level”.

The Ministry of economic development will monitor the progress of the project and ensure implementation of measures to support innovation, and the rest to deal with the preparation of proposals, planning, develop guidance materials and so on. Innovations in Russia will also engage ministries of Finance, Communications, Industry and trade, Energy, Agriculture, Transport, as well as Expert advice in an Open Ministry with the involvement of clusters, the Russian export center and other stakeholders.