Russian Export Center considers e-commerce perspective export tool

Petr M. Fradkov

In frames of general Russian export promotion, the Russian Export Center (REC) held seminar on March 07, 2017 named «Export by e-commerce channels». It attracted attention of businessmen from all over country.

Importance of e-commerce for the country’s development underlined delegate from Russian ministry of industry and trade (Minpromtorg) S. Lobanov. According to him, annual growth of the issue in Russia is 20-30%. At the same time, 97% of such trade is represented by import, and 3% only fells to export, while in other countries this index is about 20%. Minpromtorg sees here a potential for development of the Russian industry and shows interst in the topic promotion. In September 2016 the government started to simplify export regulations and proceeding.

«The topic is extremely important, – said the head of REC P. Fradkov, – Here we can combine export needs with administrative resources». The office plans to become a connecting tool in e-commerce promotion, and about half a year ago it had already started trial joint project with CityMall.

REC is not planning to create «Russian alibaba» or to make a copy of any existing world tool or market place, said in his speech M. Mamonov, managing director of REC. The essence of the efforts is to help Russian entrepreneurs to use the existing channels and infrastructure.

The main barriers to the Russian export (and in e-commerce too) is the lack of demand for Russian goods in the world (they are unknown) and of efforts of the Russian manufacturers in promoting.

In addition to the efforts, the Russian entrepreneurs will need money. About $5’000 will be spent on the evaluation of the potential demand in the destination country (at Tmall it will cost so to provide focus groups of consumer goods in China), and about 10% of the cost of goods will take an electronic platform for intermediation (Ebay). And the Russian manufacturer will meet usual costs of sending samples, concluding contracts, transaction, etc.


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