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Russian estates will be given in lease to private investors

Presentation of old estate lease projects in Tass. Photo:Tass

Today in Russia you can buy or rent the monuments of culture.

Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation is implementing a program “Green Corridor” – whose purpose – to attract investments for the restoration of cultural monuments and to support private investors to redeem the objects of cultural heritage.

The program is implemented by the Ministry of Culture of Russia administrative management. Project is planned on several thousands objects, it is mainly manor ensembles, about 670 are prepared to trading and 29 exposed – they are fully prepared to transfer to private hands. According to Vera Sterlina, general director of non-profit partnership “Russian Homestead”, in favor of the state it is planned to collect up 140 billion rubles by 2030. It is expected that the funds received from investors will be spent on the restoration of monuments of federal significance, which will remain in state ownership.

Under the terms of the program it is planned to transfer historical monuments to individuals who will bring them into the cultural and tourist turnover. After the auction the buyer pays 20% of the project cost, the rest is paid in the process of restoration in equal shares, then he becomes the owner.

Also the program was announced of the Agency for Management and Use of Historical and Cultural Monuments (AMUHCM) “Rent for ruble”. The pilot project is scheduled put up for auction 30 objects. The first auction will be held before the end of this year. According to the head the agency, Oleg Ryzhkov, all it is planned to lease several hundred monuments.

The director of the Ministry of Culture of Russia administrative management Vadim Solovyev presented a portal Preservation of Monuments of History and Culture, specifically designed to attract private investors . On the website it is detailed information about the objects of cultural heritage, offered for sale, about extending auctions and submitted all the necessary contacts. It is possible to ask a question and move on to the site of administrative directorate for information. Vera Sterlina underlined: “In order to form a historical estate market, the work of the website is extremely relevant. This is the information platform, where will be laid out objects that can be entered into the cultural, economic and tourist turnover”.

Source: Russian Ministry of Culture