Russian-Chinese business Council to deepen the cooperation in 2017

Meeting of the Russian-Chinese Business Council in The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

On February 08, 2017 at Chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation (RF CCI) was held a meeting of the Russian-Chinese business Council (CRBC), which summed up its activities in 2016 and announced the plans for the future 2017. The meeting was held under the leadership of the head of CRBC Gennady Timchenko, the founder and one of the owners of the Volga Group.

Russian-Chinese business Council (CRBC) was created in 2004 to encourage cooperation between Russian and Chinese companies. Today the structure contains 14 councils. In 2016, the CRBC conducted 35 events.

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of China in Russia Li Hui said, “We are ready to continue to deepen the reached agreements in 2017”. First of all, we are talking about large projects in the field of energy and building cross-border infrastructure. It includs the construction of high-speed railway Samara–Togliatti, which was negotiated in 2016 by Russia and China railway Corporation.

He said that, according to China customs, in spite of weak global growth to 2016, the turnover between Russia and China amounted to $69’300’000 (+2.2%).

A special role in the development of Chinese-Russian relations, according to Mr. Li Hui, today is given to the cooperation of small and medium businesses of the two countries. In 2016 in Sochi took place the II Russian-Chinese business forum of small and medium-sized businesses. According to the survey of small and medium business of both countries, condicted by CRBC in December 2016, a huge interest in participating in such forums is seen.

The same priority identified Boris Titov, authorized by the Russian President for entrepreneurs rights. According to him, on February 07, 2017 Dmitry Medvedev supported the draft “Road map”, which sends the Council delegation to go to inform businessmen on existing agreements and new projects at the end of September – October 2017.

Almost no major Russian-Chinese event has passed without the support of the Russian-Chinese business Council in 2016. With its participation a project of grain corridor “Russia-China” for the export of grain from the Siberian and far Eastern Federal districts was launched. Intensified Russian-Chinese cooperation in timber processing increased timber supplies was inspired bu the business counsil too. Industrial complex for the production of rolled aluminum in the framework of the “Yulian” started in 2016.

Currently Russia and China are expanding cooperation in the field of media. They created Russian-Chinese platform with the participation of China radio International. Also they plan to establish cooperation of Russia and China in the field of traditional and alternative medicine too.

A new format for sharing experience, in form of meeting of business leaders of the two countries will be launched in 2017. Cultural interaction will develop too. In particular, an exhibition of artists of China of “Gunbi” school (in translation from diligent brush) born 2 thousand years ago is expected in Moscow.

Sources: China Embassy in Russia, Russian-Chinese Business Council