Russian authorities are waiting for restart of relations with the US after the election victory of Donald Trump

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On November 8, 2016 inhabitants of the USA chose their new president. Contrary to all expectations and forecasts him became a septuagenarian businessman, the Republican candidate, John Donald Trump. During his election campaign, he has repeatedly made contradictory statements, which caused sharp criticism from voters and the international community. In particular, he made a proposal to restart relations with Russia, taking off sanctions from it, and does not exclude the possibility of recognition the Crimea part of the Russian Federation. However, US officials and experts believe that the majority of Trump’s applications were just election rhetoric that will significantly differ from his actions as president.

However, in Russia the news were positively greeted about the election of US President D. Tramp. So the head of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in his congratulatory to D.Tramp for a victory in the elections, said that the Kremlin is ready to restore relations with the US, but it will be the hard way. In the State Duma also news about Trump’s victory were greeted with applause and hope for a constructive dialogue with representatives of the new government in the United States. At a meeting with representatives of the business world in Austria Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation A. Ulyukayev called the results of these elections signal to policymakers to cease hinder to business’s work and to pay more attention to the opinion of its members. A. Ulyukayev also said that the trade and economic relations between Russia and the US for nearly 2.5 years actually frozen, but now has a chance to remedy this situation.

Analysts agree that the outcome of the presidential elections in the United States are positive for Russia. They believe that the the chances for repeal or easing US sanctions against Russian Federation exist and can be implemented fairly quickly. In addition, in favor of the Russian Federation can play D.Tramp’s desire to focus on the internal affairs of the United States and less to interfere in foreign policy issues. This fact will allow Russia to strengthen its positions in Europe and is able to force the European Union to lift its sanctions against the Russian Federation. However, there is the view that relations between the two countries will change slightly with D.Tramp’s coming to power. The new president will be forced to reckon with the opinion of the US political elite and will do everything to save for his country the world’s leader status.

Sources: Vedomosti, Ministry of Economic Development, RBC, RosBalt, Wek

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