Russia is ready to negotiate with the EU approaches to rethinking the world economy

Россия готова к переговорам с ЕС о переосмыслении подходов к мировой экономике

First Deputy Minister of economic development of Russia Alexey Likhachev at session II of the Eastern economic forum said that Russia is ready to negotiate with Brussels in order to resume cooperation with the European Union, because “new world architecture” requires rethinking. Brussels, in turn, does not give “clear signals of willingness to negotiate”. “Everybody is tired of the negative agenda”, – said the first Deputy Minister.

In 2015, Russia’s trade with Europe has decreased by 37.5% in 2014, in January-June of 2016, it decreased by 26.1% and amounted to us $91.5 billion.

According to the Deputy Minister, the causes of the decline of trade are “sharp decline in export prices of Russian goods as a result of a downturn in global commodity markets, and the rapid devaluation of the Russian ruble, which resulted in European goods became uncompetitive and so-called “sanctions”.

Currently, Russia is developing integration processes with Japan and China.”

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