Russia has banned shipments from Belarus

Россия запретила поставки из Беларуси

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, who held on December 03, 2014 the Cabinet meeting, which discussed measures to lift the ban on the import of Belarusian products to Russia and the way out of the situation. Just got banned 23 companies of the country.

Alexander Lukashenko said that the day before the decision of the Russian government, he called Russian President Vladimir Putin has been informed about the sanctions. At the same time Belarus has not yet exhausted the volume agreed upon in the beginning of the year Russia supplies about 10-15% of goods. According to the President of Belarus, Belarusian goods are restraining the growth of prices in Russia, hinder wishing to cash in on the price gouging. // Minsk// 03/12/2014, Source: Press-service of Belorussian president