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RUSAL will start the science Festival in Siberia and grow employees

Rusal. Novokuznetsk factory. Photo: press-service of Rusal

One of the world’s largest producers of aluminium group RUSAL will hold the popular scientific project “RUSAL Festival #Science” in Siberia on 7 to 30 October 2016. It represent exhibitions, lectures, popular science films about science and technology, quests, and interactive games and tours to the plants of RUSAL. The format of the event will be massive and interactive, oriented primarily to the young generation.

The festival, which is free for all, will be held in the cities where the aluminium company is located: in Novokuznetsk, Sayanogorsk, Bratsk and Irkutsk. It is no coincidence, because in addition to educational goals, the company also creates for itself the practical benefits of personnel in the cities of presence.

Vera Kurochkina, Deputy CEO of RUSAL, has kindly agreed to comment for cultural-political magazine “E Vesti” the goals and objectives of the company to participate in the science Festival.

E Vesti: You have made the decision to support Nauka+, does this mean that You see in this festival, his idea prospects for the strategic development of Your company?

Vera Kurochkina: With “RUSAL Festival #Science” we try, in particular, to interest students in the technical areas that are in demand in the factories of RUSAL. At our festival they will be able not only to get acquainted with the technical innovations, but also to learn about the production of aluminum, the properties of metals and alloys. The festival will contribute both to raising the General educational level of the population, and, in the future, the development of qualified personnel.

EV: You rely on the youth? Will You participate in other similar government initiatives?

Vera Kurochkina: In addition, the company implements target program for the training of students in Universities and Colleges of Siberia. At the moment the data on them currently enrolls 56 students. After training they will be invited to work at the smelters.

Also in this year, “RUSAL Festival #Science” included in the all-Russian festival of science NAUKA 0+ in Moscow and Irkutsk.

Festival of scvience was launched in our country in 2006, at Lomonosov University. Starting from 2011 it became all-Russian. Such practice is wide-spread in the wourld.

The target of the event is popularization of scince. During the event, public presentations and lectures from academics in the genre of Science slam are conducted, as well as lecture of the rector of MSU V. A. Sadovnichy, meetings with important for science and society. The science festival is held annually with financial and logistical support from the Government of Moscow.

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