Rosstat has published data on oil production and prices in Russia

On the website of the Federal Service of State Statistics (the so-called Rosstat) updated the index of industrial production of petroleum products (petrol for 104.7 and 103.9 for diesel) and consumer prices for the period from 6 to 12 October 2014. In General, the production of gasoline has increased, the ratio was 101.8% in September 2014 compared to September 2013 (as weights are used the structure of gross value added by types of economic activity 2010 base year). Dynamics of consumer prices for motor gasoline and diesel fuel from 06 to 12 October 2014 amounted to 100.1 and 100.4, respectively. 13 Oct 2014 the average price of gasoline in Russia amounted to 33.33 rubles, diesel fuel – RUB 33.44. // Moscow// 17/10/2014, Source: Russian Statistic Service

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