Rosstandart has signed the memorandums on standartization with China and Brazil

At the 39th General Assembly of the International organization for standardization (ISO) in Beijing, the head of Rosstandart Alexey Abramov signed the Memorandums of understanding on cooperation in the field of standardization with China and Brazil.

Standardization – a process aimed at creating of a unified system of standards, which regulates trade between countries. Having a common system of standards, the trade turnover between the states is subject to the common rules and a unified certification system.

These memorandums are aimed at working out the unified standards and eliminating of technical barriers to trade between States. In the framework of cooperation, the countries will exchange information about their trade standards and take steps for their harmonization.

In addition, cooperation includes cooperation in the field of education and training in the field of standardization, and the development and implementation of joint projects in this specific area.

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